Jennifer's Canine Chaos  

         Dog Training & Pet Sitting


Jennifer's Canine Chaos would like to get to know you & your dog...... close up or at a Distance, your choice!

July 6, 2021:   For those of you that are ready and comfortable, I am vaccinated and ready to get back to a bit of normalcy.   Let's get back to training!!  Some of you need to go back to work and the new dog to acquired isn't comfortable with you leaving.  Let's get that separation anxiety under control so your dog can keep his home with you.   Jennifer's Canine Chaos has the help and results you need. We can also continue working with you at a distance and masked for those that prefer it still, no problem!    You will get results. You will get the support you need, IN PERSON :)   Reach out to me.  I'm ready for your call, email, text etc!!

because while everything else has stopped..... 

- Pulling on leash hasn't

- Chewing hasn't

- Jumping on guests hasn't

- Resource guarding hasn't

- Lack of Basic Manners hasn't

Jennifer's Canine Chaos is here for you!


Pet Sitting for people who have become ill, hospitalized and can't care for their pets.


- Positive Reinforcement Training

- Force Free Training

- In-Person Training

- Virtual, Real-Time Training for 1-on-1 

- Tele-Training

- Board and Train

- Support, encouragement and chicken nuggers πŸΆπŸ’•